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What is Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP)?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a dynamic set of self development techniques and strategies that allow you to create the life you want and develop behaviours to effect real change.
NLP was developed in America in the 1970s by Dr John Grinder, an assistant professor of Linguistics and Richard Bandler, a fourth year psychology student. The pair began with the question “How do I get what I want?” and worked with the assumption that if “someone else can do it, then so can I”. These techniques have become popular personal development tools used by psychologists and life coaches ever since, helping tens of thousands of people around the world change their lives for the better.
Our patterns of behaviour include not only our actions but also the way we think and how we process and organise our thoughts. The focus on NLP as a discipline is in finding and creating better personal patterns and modelling them to improve communication and bring about change in yourself and others around you.

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Why Choose Adelaide NLP Over Alternative Training Providers?

We believe there are many reasons – here are some:

  • You will receive ongoing support before, during and after your NLP training by phone or at one of our monthly practice groups. You will work with an experienced Adelaide based trainer who is fully certified by the NLP Association of Australia Inc.
  • When you undertake the NLP Practitioner training with Adelaide NLP you will gain three certifications in one. The NLP Practitioner Certificate, Timeline Technique and Ericksonian Hypnosis, as well as comprehensive study materials including text books, handouts and a full CD set of all the teachings.
  • At Adelaide NLP we provide a safe, secure and friendly environment ideal for enabling you to work at the deepest level to make bigger and longer lasting personal change. It is extremely important to us that we provide every participant with the personalised attention necessary for your own individual development which is why our class sizes are never bigger than twelve people.
  • We don’t believe you can rush this process which is why our quality training runs for eleven days in total over a three month period. Our course offers plenty of practise time to ensure you leave feeling confident to use the skills you have learned.
  • Our training also includes techniques other providers don’t offer and which Peter learned under the instruction of NLP Founder Robert Dilts, including:
    * Bateson Strategy – Learn how to become resourceful in any situation
    * Disney Strategy – Modelled on Walt Disney, see your dreams become reality just as Walt did
    * Logical Levels – Understand the mind from a totally new and powerful perspective
    * Alignment process – Become totally aligned at every level so that you are like a laser beam to your goal
    * NLP House – Learn how NLP is put together in a structure so you can grasp how to use it more effectively
    * NLP Meeting Room
    * Identity Matrix
    * Quadralema Patterns Find out why we at Adelaide NLP believe 11 days is so much more powerful that the usual 7 day NLP training.

Online Training Update From The NLPAA

Due to border restrictions and group restrictions, in October 2020 the NLP Association of Australia approved a temporary change for NLPAA Trainer Members to provide NLP Practitioner Certification online (to be reviewed in Dec 2021). For a trainer to be approved for this online format the trainer must apply and be approved based on the following criteria:

  • The Trainer is a Trainer Member of the NLP Association of Australia
  • The training takes place over a minimum of 120 hours, at least 60 hours must be live, in-person, real-time format over a minimum of 10 days. The remaining hours can be conducted as the trainer sees fit for the training via reading, video, practice groups, assignments, etc. 
  • The content must meet the minimum requirements specified for international training
  • An assessment protocol must include written and practical assessments to ensure the students meet the competencies required for certification

Any online training that is not approved and does not meet any of these standards will not be recognised as an NLP Practitioner Certification training.

Who We Are

Peter Radcliffe, NLP Trainer

Peter is a life coach, meditation teacher and NLP trainer.

When I first learned NLP the result were amazing. I closed more contracts for my work, improved relationships with my family and saw the parallels in how NLP could even help my meditation. I was so taken by NLP I decided to become a trainer. Peter Radcliffe is a highly experienced and well regarded NLP trainer who is fully certified by The NLP Association of Australia Inc (NLPAA).

Programs/ Workshops

NLP Practitioner Course

The NLP Practitioner course is for you if you want to coach or mentor others, know how to get the best out of yourself and others, and learn techniques to shift your own life into top gear.

Master Practitioner Course

Expand your NLP knowledge and skills to the Master Level.By taking on our Master Practitioner training, you will learn new concepts and advanced techniques. Apply your knowledge to your business.

Learn Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to be effective in creating change in certain repetitive behaviours including smoking, weight loss and stress reduction, motivation and pain control.

Event Calendar

Adelaide NLP prides itself on offering courses of longer duration that give participants the opportunity for plenty of practise to ensure they leave feeling confident they will be able to use the tools in their life and to help others.

Train the Trainer

This training program teaches people how to present to groups – small to large – and how to function masterfully in group environments. The skills and behaviors you will learn are extremely beneficial and applicable.

Speaker Training

Do you feel nervous when speaking one on one or to a group or audience? Perhaps you find public speaking easy, but don’t have the professional skills to deliver a confident, interesting or influential presentation? If this is you, then


Your Free Resources

Meditation and Mindfulness with Peter

Every Tuesday 09.30 AM ACDT

✅ Free and open to all

✅ Join online via Zoom

The Goal Post

Every Wednesday 06.30 PM ACDT

✅ Your free accountability group 

✅ Global Community

✅ Free and join online via Zoom

The Listening Post

Every Friday 06.30 PM ACDT

✅ Powerful mind mastery tools

✅ Global community

✅ Free and join online via Zoom

What Our Clients Say?

A very informative course – a lot of information – overall a very intense training course covering all bases of NLP. Course duration may need to be a little longer to be able to have time to go over and clarify things in class in addition to time with other students.

Rocky Trimarchi

The course was extremely useful and beneficial to me personally and professionally. I learned so many new skills and techniques and look forward to practicing, using them with clients, friend and family. This is the start of a new area of investigation for me. Thank you for the inspiration and fundamentals.

Carolyn Guerin

Thank you for providing outstanding training and mentoring. I feel very blessed to have met you both and very impressed with your professionalism, knowledge, skill and ability to impart large volumes of content and skill in a short period of time. Overall, I am a better person from completing this course and look forward to one day completing Master Prac.

Kathryn Ralph

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