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Are you ready to go deeper? You can now empower your mind online with our upcoming live NLP online course lead by Peter Radcliffe.

Next Course Dates – 2 blocks

16th – 20th September 2024

21st – 25th October 2024

You can now empower your mind online with our upcoming live NLP online course lead by Peter Radcliffe.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (or NLP for short) is a powerful way to achieve results in your life through changing your mindset and building your communication and persuasion skills. Have you heard of it?

Many people have not. It is a very powerful set of teachings to help improve relationships at work and home, improve communications with kids and or work colleagues, overcome habits and drop emotional baggage. It can even improve your health (physical and mental).

I can honestly say the techniques were instrumental in changing my life and my business to achieve greater levels of success in each.

And since COVID 19 – trainings are now more accessible than ever. We will be doing a fully certified course on live via zoom.  Study from the comfort of your own home. It will also give you great practice for future coaching on-line as more and more sessions are being done this way. 

If you are curious to know more, we have a “come and try” webinar which we recorded recently with everything you need to know.

I promise you will learn several powerful techniques that you can use immediately and you will also be able to decide if NLP is something you that can empower your life.

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Block 1 – (3 days)

NLP Mindset Mastery

Learn to take control of the power of your mindset.  The single biggest downfall of all entrepreneurs and manages is not what they do or have – but their own mindset.  In this 4 day module we we cover the most important foundations of a powerful and abundant mindset. The NLP Practitioner course is for you if you want to coach or mentor others, know how to get the best out of yourself and others, and learn techniques to shift your own life into top gear.

Block 2 – (3 days)

NLP Communication Skills

Be powerful, influential and captivating in all your conversations with the proper skills in communication.  In this module you will also become proficient in the art of conversational hypnosis to teach you how you can implant empowering suggestions in the minds of those you interact with for win win outcomes.

Block 3 – (4 days)

NLP Practitioner Certification Mastery

In this block we cover time line therapy and qualify you as an NLP Practitioner – accredited by the NLP Association of Australia and we give you the confidence to go out and coach others in your community.

If you have already completed your NLP Prac, take a look at our Masters Practitioner course here!


Online Training Update From The NLPAA

Due to border restrictions and group restrictions, in October 2020 the NLP Association of Australia approved a temporary change for NLPAA Trainer Members to provide NLP Practitioner Certification online (to be reviewed in Dec 2021). For a trainer to be approved for this online format the trainer must apply and be approved based on the following criteria:

  • The Trainer is a Trainer Member of the NLP Association of Australia
  • The training takes place over a minimum of 120 hours, at least 60 hours must be live, in-person, real-time format over a minimum of 10 days. The remaining hours can be conducted as the trainer sees fit for the training via reading, video, practice groups, assignments, etc. 
  • The content must meet the minimum requirements specified for international training
  • An assessment protocol must include written and practical assessments to ensure the students meet the competencies required for certification

Any online training that is not approved and does not meet any of these standards will not be recognised as an NLP Practitioner Certification training.

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Mon Sep 16 2024 - Fri Oct 25 2024


All Day


Online via Zoom
Adelaide , Australia

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