Dealing with difficult people

There will always be difficult people in the world, that can’t change. But what can change, is your response to them.

In any situation learn how to:

  • Create flexibility in your own mind to deal with different situations
  • Map different types of difficult people and understand how their mind works
  • Move people from a complaining mode to a problem solving mode
  • Avoid being manipulated by others
  • Buy time in a conflict so you can respond with a level head
  • Dissolve emotion after the event has passed to leave you stress free

This course comprises of 16 audio tracks and an accompanying workbook that takes you through dealing with ten different types of difficult people. It also gives you tips on how to maintain composure and not let the stress of having to deal with difficult people affect you.

Normally $69 but use the discount code “Difficult” for the special price of $15


The Adelaide NLP™ Guarantee:
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What people are saying:

“We all have difficult people in our life, and this online course went further than just teaching me how to handle the trouble makers at work; it also gave me skills to improve my communications with friends and family to forge even stronger relationships with them.” Rodrigo Sanchez – Adelaide