The Benefits of NLP for Everyday Living

by Heather Cripps

Life is ever-changing. Nothing is permanent.

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”
– Bruce Lee

Seas, rivers and forests are slowly and constantly rejuvenating, species inhabiting the planet are constantly evolving, our economy is constantly changing and businesses are constantly looking for ways to advance. All this means that we, ourselves need to be constantly working ‘with’ the flow of life, rather than remaining static or working against the flow.

How do we successfully work ‘with’ the flow of life?
In short, by checking in with yourself and effectively managing your response toward yourself, other people and events around you. This is not to be confused with going along with what everyone else says and does or whatever comes your way.

We are constantly changing, those around us are constantly changing and no two events are ever the same. So, whilst we set out to achieve specific outcomes, it is important to be flexible and take note of the constant changes within ourselves and our environment.

Checking in with yourself

Your perception of you, other people and the world around you is one perception.

Our perceptions are formed by experiences and the way in which we filter information.

People experience different things according to life-long socialisation and the way people filter information affects their behaviours.

If we take the time to ‘check in’ with ourselves, we can evaluate our senses and emotions and re-direct or adjust them if we choose to, before we respond.

Managing your response

The way in which you respond to yourself, other people and events around you has a direct effect on you as well as others and subsequently brings about a turn of events.

Your perceptions and the way in which you manage responses can either inhibit your ability or enable you to you successfully work ‘with’ the flow of life.

Sometimes within the winds of change, we find our true direction.

Using NLP to check in with yourself, manage your responses and successfully work ‘with’ the flow of life 

NLP provides us with the practical tools to evaluate our filters and check-in with ourselves. It guides us to question everything and at the same time, consider everything.

Tools such as the “Meta Model patterns” can sometimes guide you to a beneficial outcome within a very short time frame, depending on the complexity of your questions and goals.

Because all the answers are already within you, utilising the services of an NLP coach and using NLP to guide yourself to the best outcome for you and your environment will ultimately lead you to success.

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