Meet the Team

The team at Adelaide NLP are all locally based and intent on your success as an NLP Practitioner.  We offer a broad range of experience, skills and connections to support you in your learning and practice.

Peter Radcliffe, NLP Trainer
Peter is a life coach, meditation teacher and NLP trainer.

“When I first learned about NLP many years ago it all sounded very logical, so I tried it out. The techniques worked so well I decided to become a trainer and coach of NLP”.

Peter Radcliffe is a highly experienced and well regarded NLP trainer who is fully certified by the Australian Board of NLP. He brings you the science of NLP though the lens of a calm mind to help bring peace, happiness and joy to your life. Peter’s unique background as a Buddhist monk empowers the training to be so much more than an ordinary NLP course, it becomes a journey in itself.

Born and raised in Adelaide, Peter worked as an engineer for twenty years. He became interested in the practices of different religions and studied elements of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Sufism, modern psychology and NLP. Peter travelled the world living and working for many years in the United Kingdom, Middle East, America, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and throughout Australia.

In 1993 Peter spent time as a Buddhist monk in the rainforests of Thailand. During this period and since then, he has completed many meditation retreats, some up to as long as nine months in total solitary meditation.

Peter began coaching and teaching meditation to small groups in 2004. He left the corporate world behind in 2009 to teach meditation, NLP, and personal development full time. He is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and has completed Trainers Training under Robert Dilts.

Peter is based on the Fleurieu Peninsula, an hour south of Adelaide, and is married with three young children.

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