Corporate Workshops

Adelaide NLP offer a number of 2 hour workshops tailored to your business to change or improve the mindset of your team for improved productivity, morale and customer service.  Here is a list of topics for starters:

Building Rapport
One of the most important foundations of training is to establish rapport, In this topic we would talk about creating rapport with individuals and then with a group.

The Charisma Pattern
We would introduce this subject by talking about a persons representation system – and then teach in which order we meet individual rep systems of your audience.

The Format System
Similar to above, there are differences in the information processing styles of people and there is a special way of presenting information so that it captures the most attention possible. This is called the format system.

Keeping Yourself In Flow
The energy levels and emotional state of the presenter is crucial in any presentation and have a great effect on your audience. So maintaining control of your own state is important. Here we talk about anchoring a positive state for yourself when presenting.

Dealing with difficult people
Sometime there are difficult people in your audience or in your company. The psychology behind why and how people become deliberately difficult is interesting and important if there is a likelihood that you will encounter such people.

Mindsets of excellence
This is a general subject that can apply to anyone. It is none the less very useful for presenters also. We talk about what are the commonalities in the world view of people who have achieved excellence in this world.

Keys to Empowerment
As above, this keys to empowerment are general in that they can apply to anyone but none the less useful for presenters.

2 hour workshops, delivered by well-known NLP trainer Peter Radcliffe, are available for just $600 (+GST)

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“I absolutely loved Peter and can’t wait till the day we have him back at RAA! He fascinated me and left me wanting to find out more.”

“It was great to come away with more tools for my trainers tool kit.
I especially loved the ‘Rapport’ and ‘Mindset of Success’ as these can be applied in discussions when I am coaching consultants in the RCC.”

What have you learned from this training that you didn’t previously know:

“Mindset of Success”

“Good reinforcement on meeting the various learning styles of our learners in workshops. Would like to learn more about NLP.”

“A great reminder to ensure we always cater for all learning types. Also that reality is only a projection of your values and most important ‘identity and values’ dictate behaviour.”

NLP for Trainers - 2 hour workshop, RAA