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Get the support you need to be a successful NLP Coach

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You’ve studied neuro-linguistic programming and you’re a certified NLP Practitioner. Now what?

You like the idea of using NLP to help clients make positive change, but without a pre-existing coaching practice to seamlessly weave your new certification into, you’re not sure how to move forward. Clients don’t magically appear out of thin air, and without regular practice of your new skills you’re at danger of losing confidence and putting it all in the ‘too hard’ basket. You’re at risk of feeling frustrated with yourself and disappointed at not achieving your own professional goals.

Sound familiar?


Having trained and met dozens of NLP Practitioners over the years, we have seen so many promising practitioners get their amazing toolbox, not know what to do next, and put their toolbox away to get dusty and virtually forgotten. Sure, they integrate many of the fundamental skills and communication tools, but when it comes to applying those skills in a coaching or professional context, they don’t take the right actions or get the right support they need.

As passionate advocates of NLP Coaching and certified NLP Trainers and Master Coaches, we want you to succeed and build up your own client base. The more well-trained NLP practitioners out there, helping others change and making a difference, the better. The world needs us to be at the frontline of positive change!

This is why we have developed the NLP Coaching Integration Support Program. We’ve been where you are, feeling often times alone and confused, and made the mistakes we’d love you to avoid. We know what works and doesn’t work in order to master NLP skills and build up a coaching practice. And we want you to share in the success, so you can turn your dreams into reality.

Mentoring, Coaching and Group Support – All you need to succeed!

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There are 4 Keys to being a successful NLP Coach:

1. Peer support and supervision

2. Quality mentoring (to develop your coaching and business skills and resources)

3. Clients (practice and paying) & marketing expertise

4. Coaching practise and resources

This program covers these 4 keys, gives you everything you’ll need, and supports you for a full 12 months. We will provide you with materials, resources, 1:1 mentoring, business consulting, Confident Coaches membership, connect you with clients, and so much more!

1. Peer Support & Supervision

Meeting with other NLP Practitioners, discussing client cases, practicing your skills and getting ideas on your developing business is vital. You feel connected, supported and part of a vibrant and caring community.
As part of the NLP Coaching Program, you’ll receive full membership (value $1597 per annum) to the Adelaide NLP Confident Coaches Group. This group meets monthly for 3 hours, and is chaired by either Marian (Bachelor of Management(Marketing)) or Peter, certified NLP Trainers and Master Coach.

2. Quality Mentoring

Having a mentor to guide you, support you, advise you, coach you and keep you on track is a critical part of becoming a successful NLP Coach. You have an experienced and highly knowledgeable personal advocate, to whom you’re accountable to, and will keep you on track.
Your Adelaide NLP Mentors will help you set and achieve your professional goals, and avoid making costly rookie mistakes. This program includes 6 x 30 mins or 3 x 60 mins of 1:1 mentoring sessions (value $900).

3. Client Connect

A coach is only a coach if you have clients! This program gives you not only the materials and resources you’ll need to coach clients professionally, but will also assist in helping you build your client base.

From marketing strategies to client referrals, the Adelaide NLP Client Connect program is included (value $997) in your NLP Coaching Program. In addition to the monthly catch ups, we will be hosting a series of Marketing Webinars that will take you through the fundamentals of marketing your business and seeing your first clients. We will cover topics you will need to successfully market and run your coaching practice. These Webinars will be supported by over 100 pages of reference materials that will include forms and checklists and low cost marketing ideas to implement. Through Skillful Mind, the parent company of Adelaide NLP, you will be invited to come to weekend retreats to practise marketing your service and provide coaching support in a paid capacity. (subject to bookings from attendees) Let us help you get clients through your door, so you can get on with delivering a quality NLP coaching experience!

4. Coaching Practise & Resources

Integrated into our monthly catch ups will be an hour of team coaching practise to refine your rapport building, outcome identification and process, NLP technique application and follow up. You will receive a resource of forms and information to refer to throughout the year and beyond to assist you run and coach in your Practice.


Program Cost $3297 (if paid in full upfront)
6x monthly payments of $560 (GST included)

Receive a NLP Coaching Certification

Refer your friends to the NLP Practitioner training with Adelaide NLP and receive $500 cashback* for each friend who registers to attend the 2016 course!

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