Our Coaching Team

We have a team of Life Coaches that have trained with Adelaide NLP and are now running their own businesses helping others.

Each has their own specialty and we encourage you to connect with one of them if you require support or resolution of a particular personal issue.

NLP Life Coaching is a refreshing change from some other forms of counselling where you find a good ear but leave with no tools or course of action. We will help you deal with any mental or behavioural obstacles you are experiencing to give you purpose, clarity and self belief. Use our range of positive useful options to make yourself more effective at business and in personal relationships by understanding your strengths and breaking though your limitations.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  A standard coaching package will look something like this below, but discuss your personal requirements with your coach.

60 minute sessions once per week or once per fortnight
4 to 5 sessions to completely work though your biggest issues
Some challenges will be given to work on between sessions

Peter Radcliffe, Executive Coach
Marg Hobby
Niomi Reardon
About Peter

Peter Radcliffe is a highly experienced and well regarded NLP trainer who is fully certified by the Australian Board of NLP. He brings you the science of NLP though the lens of a calm mind to help bring peace, happiness and joy to your life. Peter’s unique background as a Buddhist monk adds a mindful approach to his very practical mentoring.  Learn more about Peter’s 12 month Mentoring Program here.

About Marg

I’m a Health and Life Coach focussing on relationships with self.

This may sound odd to some people however I have found that once the centre of my world is functioning at its optimal level, all the rest just falls into place.

Life wasn’t always wonderful for me either and I certainly had my challenges growing up. Then one day I decided – damn it, I am important and I am worth it. Since making that decision I have discovered my purpose and passion in life – to help others help themselves live the life they so richly deserve.

One of my clients – let’s call him Tim – was at the bottom of the well, he could barely function. Loneliness and a bad marriage coupled with bankruptcy was taking its toll. After working with me he has now discovered his purpose, he has reunited with his family and really knows what it feels like to have self-worth and feel good about himself.

He told me it was like coming out of the darkness, out of a black hole and being greeted with sunshine.

I won’t just put a bandaid over the wound, I will help you address the root cause of the issue.
I do this in 6 x one-on-one consultations face to face, over the phone or using Skype. This approach allows me to really get into your world by asking many questions to help you really understand the issue and find a lasting solution that works for you, to empower you to move on with your life.

About Niomi

…By caring for yourself you enhance your performance and ability to care for others…..
My name is Niomi Reardon.
After spending more than 20 years in the nursing industry I have become disenchanted with the modern model of health care. I strongly believe in prevention and the mind /body connection.
‘Burnout’ shows its self in many ways including – constant tiredness, aches and pains, unpleasant moods, low immunity and eventually ‘Dis-ease’.
My specialty is working with those that care for others.
I can assist you with tools and techniques to honour your own personal development.

“Peter’s intuition of the mind has
to be experienced to be believed.
Just two sessions with him and I
have clarity around issues that
have been holding me back for

Roger James, Adelaide

After my first session (with Marg) I came away with a sense of excitement about possibilities for my future. Marg is patient, kind and non-judgmental. Marg’s an excellent listener and she has compassion, intelligence and insight. She’s genuinely committed to helping you make the changes you need to make in your life and whilst Marg is always understanding and supportive she will be firm with you if you try and make excuses for yourself and it’s great that Marg wants you to succeed as much as you do.

Claire, Dec 2015

My daughter has being seeing Niomi for the past six months due to anxiety and friendship issues. She found it easy to talk to Niomi and opened up and felt very comfortable talking with her. I feel since she has been seeing Niomi that she has made more progress and positive changes than just seeing a psychologist alone. We would definitely recommend Niomi as a great support to anyone wanting to better themselves.

Lisa (Mum)