Our Coaching Packages

We recommend you contact your preferred coach to discuss taking this great value coaching package below.

The Adelaide NLP Coaching Package – Spectacular Value!


  • 12 months of coaching with one of the Adelaide NLP Coaches (value $1,440)
  • The Complete Set of NLP Practitioner Audios Lessons on CD for home study (value $895)
  • A voucher for $1,000 off the NLP Practitioner Certificate Course

Cost: $990.00

You cannot lose with this great value package.  You receive 12 x 1 hour coaching sessions with one of our coaches, and 2 CD’s with the full NLP Practitioner audios for home study.  If you feel inspired once you have started (and we feel sure you will, we basically refund the cost of this package as your deposit to enrol in the NLP Practitioner Certification Course to build on and integrate the learnings from the CD’s, for your self development and to learn how to help others.

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Executive Mentoring Package with Peter Radcliffe

You might not like this simple truth, but the biggest obstacle you face to success in life (business or personal) is almost certainly your own mind.

When we don’t get the success’s we want in life there are endless reasons “out there” that we can blame. But in most cases the truth lies with our own minds inability to foresee problems, our inflexibility to cope with change or our lack of skills in communicating with the people we need to influence.

Working with the Peter Radcliffe is your solution.

Imagine being mentored by one of the leading mind performance coaches in Australia, dedicated to helping you stay at peak mental performance in your career and personal life.

Someone who has worked at the highest levels of the corporate world and also discovered the secrets of mind though long meditation retreats and the latest psychology in mental development.

Someone who will challenge you to raise your performance and achieve your special dream.