Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your courses?
Each course listed has the price on the webpage.  If you are booking more than one course you will be eligible for a discounted price. Please call us to discuss.

How much do I need to pay up front?
We require a deposit of $500 to secure your booking.

Can I pay off the course in part payments?
Sure! Give us a call to discuss a payment plan.

Is there any way I can get the course cheaper?
Yes!  You can earn yourself “referral rewards” by bringing along a friend/s.

We believe this course offers incredible value.  It is longer than many others as we believe in giving you time to practise and integrate the skills so you can be confident to use them when you finish the course.  We have assistance coaches (past students) to provide extra support during the training.  The course is offered in a great venue with plenty of space, parking and a beautiful view over Brighton beach. We offer local (South Australian) support before, during and after the training.

You will take away a huge toolbox of practical skills to help you, family and friends – priceless!

Is there any way I can check out Adelaide NLP before I commit?
Yes! Come to one of our 3 hour Come & Try NLP workshops to meet our Principal Trainer Peter Radcliffe and try 4 valuable NLP techniques.

What if I book, pay and then don’t like the course?
No problem!  We offer the Adelaide NLP Guarantee – if at the end of the first day of training, you are not completely satisfied and delighted with the training you have received, we will give you your money back immediately. No arguments!

What if I can’t make one or two days of the course?
We will work with you individually to “make-up” up to 2 days of the scheduled course.

What if I don’t complete the final integration day successfully?
Sometimes life can interrupt our best intentions! Adelaide NLP allows you to come back and repeat the course AT NO EXTRA COST to you.  In fact, we allow our past students to come back and review any particular part of the course at any time!!

What are the payment and cancellation conditions?
Please read our Terms & Conditions

What if my question isn’t listed here?
Please give us a call immediately to discuss your needs.
Marian (Business Manager) – 0408 613 749
Peter (Principal NLP Trainer) – 0434 462 252