Why choose Adelaide NLP over alternative training providers?

We believe there are many reasons – here are some:

  • You will receive ongoing support before, during and after your NLP training by phone or at one of our monthly practice groups. You will work with an experienced Adelaide based trainer who is fully certified by the Australian Board of NLP.
  • When you undertake the NLP Practitioner training with Adelaide NLP you will gain three certifications in one. The NLP Practitioner Certificate, Timeline Technique and Ericksonian Hypnosis, as well as comprehensive study materials including text books, handouts and a full CD set of all the teachings.
  • At Adelaide NLP we provide a safe, secure and friendly environment ideal for enabling you to work at the deepest level to make bigger and longer lasting personal change. It is extremely important to us that we provide every participant with the personalised attention necessary for your own individual development which is why our class sizes are never bigger than twelve people.
  • We don’t believe you can rush this process which is why our quality training runs for eleven days in total over a three month period.  Our course offers plenty of practise time to ensure you leave feeling confident to use the skills you have learned.
  • Our training also includes techniques other providers don’t offer and which Peter learned under the instruction of NLP Founder Robert Dilts, including:
    * Bateson Strategy  – Learn how to become resourceful in any situation
    * Disney Strategy – Modelled on Walt Disney, see your dreams become reality just as Walt did
    * Logical Levels – Understand the mind from a totally new and powerful perspective
    * Alignment process – Become totally aligned at every level so that you are like a laser beam to your goal
    * NLP House – Learn how NLP is put together in a structure so you can grasp how to use it more effectively
    * NLP Meeting Room
    * Identity Matrix
    * Quadralema PatternsFind out why we at Adelaide NLP believe 11 days is so much more powerful that the usual 7 day NLP training.

If you are still not convinced,  come along to our NLP Come & Try 3 hour workshop to learn the background theory and practise 4 techniques – it’s just $39, or download our FREE online NLP course valued at $257. This course covers the fundamentals of NLP and will give you an insight into how NLP can transform your life