Reviews of Adelaide NLP

Reviews of the NLP Practitioner Certification Course

Lauren Nelson 2016

“I decided to take this course for a combination of reasons mainly I believed one day I would like to become a coach and use it to compliment my other certificates. As the course progressed I learnt what I really wanted out of my life and have applied all my new skills into my current business and all relationships I have.
A huge thank you to Peter and his team for the learnings I have taken away with me.”
Lauren, Business Owner

Helene Godmer 2016

“I’ve just finished the NLP Practitioner Training. Wow! What great learnings I’ve gained about myself. It opened my eyes at how practical, easy and fundamentally changing NLP is. I recommend NLP Training to anyone, even those of you who don’t necessarily want to be a coach. It’s great for everyday life!”
Helene, Life Coach

Kimberley Hunt 2016

“I feel like I have been on an evolutionary journey as I have acquired techniques that will not only help me to improve my own life, but also my relationships and communication, and I now have the tools to assist others to do the same.  I’m so glad I took the leap and committed to this course.”
Kim, Project Manager

Wendy Shimmin, 2016

“Fantastic, transformation (NLP) training is a real eye opener. I would recommend it to ALL people no matter what background they have come from. This training would be beneficial on so many levels – personally, professionally and spiritually.  It also can work with all age levels. Manual and CD’s are also fantastic resources. Meetup group information is also very useful and coaching/marketing options for future pacing. Thank You.
Wendy, Community Service Worker

Kathryn Ralph, 2015

“Thank you for providing outstanding training and mentoring. I feel very blessed to have met you both and very impressed with your professionalism, knowledge, skill and ability to impart large volumes of content and skill in a short period of time. Overall, I am a better person from completing this course and look forward to one day completing Master Prac.”
Kathryn, 2015

Leigh Stains, 2015

“I attended Peter & Miriam’s NLP Practitioner course hoping to improve my communication skills but not really knowing what to expect.  What I have come away with is so much more – a better understanding of myself and a suite of skills to help me improve my relationships in both my work and personal life. This course is not an easy ride, but if you are willing to make the effort it will be rewarded many times over.”
Leigh, Manager, 2015

Carolyn Guerin, 2015

“The course was extremely useful and beneficial to me personally and professionally. I learned so many new skills and techniques and look forward to practicing, using them with clients, friend and family.  This is the start of a new area of investigation for me. Thank you for the inspiration and fundamentals.”
Carolyn, 2015

Rocky Trimarchi, 2015

“A very informative course – a lot of information – overall a very intense training course covering all bases of NLP.  Course duration may need to be a little longer to be able to have time to go over and clarify things in class in addition to time with other students.”
Rocky, 2015

Yvonne Cooke, 2015

“The course is fabulous for “clearing out your closet” and giving the space to install the “life changing software” that is NLP,  These skills can really transform not only your life, but those around you.  This is a therapy that blends so well with virtually any healing/complementary therapy and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  If you want to reach the stars, NLP will take you there!”
Yvonne, Awesome Home Carer, 2015

Kirsty Reynolds, 2015

“I have studied many therapeutic modalities and I have no hesitation in recommending NLP as a must for all therapists who want to work with hypnotic trance work with the intention of fast and long lasting change for their clients.”
Kirsty, Social Worker/Counsellor, 2015

Emily Hilder, 2015

“I would recommend this training to anyone who assists others in their work, or who wants to relate well to other people in their lives. I look forward to incorporating these gems of knowledge into both my professional practice and my home life. Thanks Peter and Mim!

What an experience! Thank you both so much for your wisdom, commitment and expertise! Loved the Peter-Mim combo! Great complimentary pace and energy, amazing combined experience and knowledge, great balance of fun and direction. Found the combination of teaching methods (audio, exam, own research, class and study groups) extremely effective in cementing confidence and learning.”
Emily, Brand & Marketing Consultant, 2015

Eloise, 2015

“A great course that will provide life long learning. Thank You.”
Eloise, 2015

Scott Jasper, 2015

“Miriam and Peter were really nice and supportive throughout the training. I had fun! Overall a lot of good content and I’m really happy that I have NLP in my toolkit. I am looking forward to doing Master Prac to gain even further knowledge”
Scott, 2015

Tracey Klose 2014

“I am a recent graduate of Adelaide NLP. Miriam and Peter are two amazing people who are so passionate about what they do, helping people make significant changes to themselves and their lives. I am one of those people. I could never have imagined I could be so happy, relaxed and confident, now I know I can imagine and have anything I want. I watched everyone in our group grow and change in so many ways, I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it. Now we have the skills, knowledge and passion to help others, life changing!”
Tracey Klose, November 2014

Robin Eadha 2014

“My unrequited love affair with NLP began in 1980 when, as an Enrolled Nurse studying for my Psychiatric Endorsement, I came across books by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. That affair became my passion this year when I completed my Practitioner Course with Miriam and Peter. What to say? It’s been an eye opening eleven days with concentrated learning of a significant range of skills. NLP is a magic blend of art and science which Peter and Miriam have taught with skill and flair. The course has impacted powerfully on me personally while providing professional level techniques. Miracles happen here!”

Donna Roberts 2014

“I recently completed the NLP Practitioner training course with Miriam and Peter and I cannot begin to describe how amazing it was! The energy that Miriam and Peter have when they work together is awesome. And for me, TimeLine Therapy™ is quite literally like waving a magic wand!
The skills and techniques I learnt, the people I met, the whole experience was just fabulous. I cannot recommend this course with these trainers enough – it is so well worth the investment of time and money to have reached the other end changed, quite literally, for the better, both emotionally and physically.”
Donna Roberts
Psychology PhD Candidate

Mardi Rogers 2014

“Doing an NLP practitioner course with Adelaide NLP first blows your mind, and then puts it back together with insightful understandings of not only the unconscious mind and the human condition, but it also arms you with multiple techniques that you can use to empower yourself and others. You will find you dissolve issues you didn’t even know you had. Whether it’s for your career, relationships, or personal growth, NLP has the power to transform your life for the better. This course will change your thinking, and therefore your life. Thank you Peter and Miriam!”
Mardi Rogers

Amy Donder 2014

“I’m a 2014 NLP Practitioner graduate with Adelaide NLP. Amazing experience! I started because I had to do something to get out of the negative spiral and stuck feeling in my life. Unsure what to expect, it turned out the best decision I’ve made! NLP gave me many useful, practical tools I can use in all areas of life! I feel empowered, flexible, in control and the best I can be. I’ve witnessed fantastic transformations in the whole group. If you are ready to improve your life I recommend doing this training. If you are not ready – get ready!”
Amy Donder
Allied Health Professional

Reviews of the NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course

Gina Stavropoulos, 2015

“Having an allied health professional background I loved receiving the training from both Scott and Miriam. It allowed me to see how they incorporate NLP, TLT and Hypnosis into their respective work, to enhance client outcomes. They were professional in all aspects of training.

All three trainers had different styles of delivery of techniques and it gave me an opportunity to see how techniques can be applied in different ways (script vs no script)

I felt at ease with all trainers and felt comfortable in asking questions.

I was guided through my personal development and encouraged by the trainers and my fellow students to push beyond my comfort zones.

Since completing the course, I have gained confidence and a clearer direction for my career, I have more structure in my days, I have improved family relationships and I’m continuing to discover (and affirm) who I am.

If you have an allied health background and wish to study NLP, TLT and Hypnosis, then Adelaide NLP, Coaching Mind Body & Soul, and Miriam Henke Consulting is/are for you.!”
Gina Stavropoulos
Occupational Therapist, 2015

Chris Bates, 2015

I’m so glad I decided to attend the Master Prac course, it was a big commitment but one of those life-changing events you can’t say no to.
The amount of learnings and growth achieved in a few weeks has yielded a positive effect in all areas of my life – health, business,
relationships, etc.  I can’t recommend the experience highly enough, and even more so the nurturing guidance and expertise of Miriam, Peter, and Scott.

Chris Bates, Marketing Entrepreneur, 2015

Michael Liner, 2015

“Scott, Peter & Miriam provided an excellent NLP Master Practitioner course spread over 3 months. The content was excellent, breakthroughs amazing, and awakenings in my own abilities, confidence and application of these skills in the real world have become nothing short of incredible. Having done multiple personal development courses I have to say the reach, scope and breadth of this course and these trainers shares a light which others only wish to follow!”
Michael LIner, Alchemist

Kelly Pisters, 2015

“Master Prac, NLP, TLT and Hypnosis Prac Training has quite honestly changed my life.  The amount of personal growth I have achieved in both the processes and simply by being in the room with these amazing Trainers and fellow students is incomparable to any other experience I have had yet in this life of mine.  The technical aspects of this course have made so much sense to me and the practice of working through each example brought it out of theory into confidence and muscle memory.  I can see my future in this area and am ever grateful for my new found confidence and self belief.  Thank you Miriam, Peter and Scott. You will always be in my thoughts.”
Kelly Pisters, In Transition, 2015

Donna Roberts, 2015

“The Master Practitioner Training run by Adelaide NLP, Miriam Henke Consulting and Coaching Mind Body & Soul was amazing!  It was an intense 15 days of training covering a lot of information, techniques and practice, allowing a massive increase in knowledge and learning.  The three trainers bring an eclectic mix of personalities and teaching styles that blend cohesively to create magick!  The skills learnt, during this training took everything to a whole new level. I am grateful to Miriam, Scott and Peter for the opportunity to expand my knowledge and to be able to take those skills away to utilise in my life with clients.”
Donna Roberts
PHD Candidate & CEO of Transforming You, 2015

Chris Bates, 2015

I’m so glad I decided to attend the Master Prac course, it was a big commitment but one of those life-changing events you can’t say no to.
The amount of learnings and growth achieved in a few weeks has yielded a positive effect in all areas of my life – health, business,
relationships, etc.  I can’t recommend the experience highly enough, and even more so the nurturing guidance and expertise of Miriam, Peter, and Scott.

Chris Bates, Marketing Entrepreneur, 2015

Paula Darch, 2015

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this total program.  THe support and encouragement from you has aided me in my continual growth and expansion of myself and my business.  This course has helped me in so many area’s of my life. I leave here with a NEW ME. The I AM presence within me is astonishing.  I thank each of you for all the content and detail and most importantly the love and support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.”
Paula Darch
CEO Dynamics Mind & Body Connection